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Bankruptcy Filing Fees Going Up November 1

The filing fee for filing a chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will increase $7 on November 1, 2011. For chapter 7, the fee increases from $299 to $306; chapter 13 fees rise from $274 to $281. The Court Clerk for the Western District of New York posted the new fees October 17.

The cost of filing a bankruptcy lawsuit (adversary proceeding) is also rising, from $250 to $293. Filing a motion to lift the automatic stay of bankruptcy (usually filed by mortgage banks or car loan companies if there is a default in payments) goes up from $150 to $176, as does the fee to compel abandonment of an asset (that is, remove an asset from the bankruptcy case and return it to the debtor.)

If you are interested in advise as to whether bankruptcy is an option you should consider, please contact my office for a phone consultation, at no charge.

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