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Rochester Bankruptcy Judicial Candidates Interviewed

According to information I have received from reliable sources, four candidates for the position of Bankruptcy Judge in Rochester were interviewed on Wednesday, July 20. Three of the candidates interviewed were:

1) Kathleen Schmitt, currently the Assistant United StaTes Trustee for the Rochester UST office

2) Michael Arnold, a chapter 7 trustee in private practice

3) Ken Gordon, also a chapter 7 trustee in private practice

The identity of the fourth candidate interviewed is not known to me. One source reported it was a female candidate from outside the Rochester area.

I further understand that Trudy Nowak, former Assistant U.S. Trustee for Rochester and now residing in Phoenix, has withdrawn from consideration. She had been one of five finalists for the position.

Rochester Bankruptcy Judge John C. Ninfo II is retiring at the end of 2011. Bankruptcy judges are appointed for a fourteen year term by the Court of Appeals for the circuit where the court is located. The Bankruptcy Court for Rochester (the Western District of New York) is in the second circuit.

I understand that three judges conducted the interviews on Wednesday: Hon. Richard C. Wesley, Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge from Canandaigua; Hon. William Skretney, District Court Judge for the Western District of New York (Buffalo), and Hon. Charles J. Siragusa, District Court Judge for the Western District of New York (Rochester.)

My understanding is that this committee will recommend one or more candidates for the position within the next week or two. These recommendations will first be passed on to the Chief Judge of each of the District Courts in New York for a vote; the candidate voted by them will be passed to the five most senior members of the Second Circuit for approval, and then final approval by the entire Second Circuit Court of Appeals. My sources tell me a final decision is expected by September.

For general information about the organization and personnel of the bankruptcy, the US. Trustee's office, and the trustees in Rochester, please see my website page, Bankruptcy System in Rochester.

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy case in the Rochester area, please contact me thru my contact page of my website.

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