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It's Official: Judge Ninfo to Retire

Rochester's bankruptcy judge, John C. Ninfo II has formally submitted his retirement papers to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, according to
The Daily Record
(February 14, 2011, article by Todd Etshman.) Judge Ninfo had publically stated his intention to retire effective January 2012 for some time, so the news is not surprising. However the submission of retirement papers starts the process of selecting a new bankruptcy judge.

Bankruptcy judges, unlike Federal District Court Judges, are appointed by the Circuit Court of Appeals, not by the President. When the retirement is officially announced, the judgship opening will be posted on the Second Circuit's website.

The Daily Record cites Second Circuit Executive Karen Milton as stating that after a three to six week application intake period, a committee chaired by a Second Circuit judge will review the applicants and make a recommendation to the Judges of the Second Circuit.

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