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Georgia bankruptcy debtor, bank, agree on amount of mortgage arrears - after seven years

The New York Times published an article yesterday (Feb. 27, 2011; author: Gretchen Morgensen) about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtor in Georgia who fought her mortgage bank for seven years simply to find out how much she owned on her mortgage and who owned the mortgage note.  An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution two years ago (Jan. 25, 2009, author Carrie Teegardin) provides additional details of this particular case.

Zella Mae Green filed a Chapter 13 case in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia on January 19, 2004 (Bk #04-60083), and she filed an adversary proceeding (bankruptcy lawsuit) against her mortgage bank, Wells Fargo, two years later (Ap 06-06048.) The debtor was represented by Howard D. Rothbloom of The Rothbloom Firm, and, according to the court docket, Wells Fargo was represented over the years by nine different attorneys from four separate law firms.  The issues were resolved in a confidentail settlement, according to The Times.

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