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State Exception to Car Exemption Passes Legislature

With the new exemption update law set to go into effect tomorrow (January 21), the state legislature has passed the 'chapter amendment' bill A851, which excepts the State and its municipalities from the judgment debtor motor vehicle exemption. As reported in previous blogs, New York City and other municipalities objected to the update law, fearing that it would prevent their parking violations bureaus from seizing cars to enforce parking violations. When Governor Patterson signed the update law, he expressed his reservations, and may well have vetoed it had supporters of the bill not promised to support a chapter amendment excepting the state from the car exemption.

The Assembly passed A851 on Tuesday and the Senate passed it yesterday. The bill has been forwarded to the Governor for signature. As one of the supporters of the exemption update bill, I sent a letter of support for the chapter amendment to four of my local legislators (two Assembly members, two senators.) In response to the letter, the office of Senator Joseph E. Robach of Rochester called me today to inform me the bill had passed the Senate, with Senator Robach's support, which I thought was a very thoughtful thing to do, and is appreciated. This was not exactly a highly contested piece of legislation; the Assembly approved it 142-0. If signed by thge governor, the chapter amendment will have the same effective date as the exemption update law (January 21.)

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