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Albany Bankruptcy Lawsuit Seeks to Void Wells Fargo Mortgage

While most of the New York State lawsuits seeking to void mortgages due to falty paperwork arise out of the New York City area, at least one case is pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Norther District of New York: Prisco v. US Bank (Bk #07-13408; AP #09-90083. Judge Littlefield issued a preliminary decision on January 3, 2011, denying the debtor's motion for a default judgment (available at the court's website under Judge Littlefield - 2011 decisions.)

Defendant US Bank is successor to Wells Fargo, which has been the subject of many of these type of lawsuits, and Wells Fargo was represented by the Law office of Steven J. Baum, which has also been associated with this issue. This is one case to jeep an eye on.

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