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Bankruptcies way down in Rochester, Buffalo

Bankruptcy filings in both Rochester and Buffalo are significantly down from last year. When last we checked, on October 5, bankruptcy filings were about two weeks behind the pace set last year. Two months later, filings are a full month behind 2009's rate.

Bankruptcy cases are numbered consecutively when filed, and the last case filed in November in Rochester was 2,866. Case 2866 was filed in 2009 on October 29, one month sooner. In Buffalo, case 5,107 was the last November 2010 filing. That case number a year earlier was filed October 30.

Looking back in history, here is the date Rochester case 2,866 was filed:
2010: Nov. 30
2009: Oct. 29
2008: Nov. 3
2007: Nov. 15
2004: July 2 (last year before the 2005 change in the bankruptcy code)
1996: Oct. 2
1995: December 4

The pattern is similar in Buffalo, with case 5,107:
2010: Nov. 30
2009: Oct. 30
2008: Nov. 18
2007: Dec. 21
2004: July 9
1996: Nov. 7
1995: (only 4,532 cases filed that year)

The percentage of local bankruptcy cases filed in Buffalo as opposed to Rochester has increased slightly. Through November 30, 35.9% of all Western District of New York cases were filed in Rochester. In this percentage of Rochester/Buffalo cases continues to the end of the year, it will be the smallest percentage of Rochester cases in the recent past and represents a two percentage point drop over the past three years. In 2009 36.1% of WDNY cases were filed in Rochester; in 2008 37.1% were Rochester cases and in 2007 38.0% were filed in Rochester. In 2004, Rochester constituted 37.0% of all WDNY filings.

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