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Short term home mortgages can be modified in Chapter 13: In re Latimer

In re Latimer (Bk 08-21242; Decision October 28, 2008; Judge Ninfo): Chapter 13 case: the debtors had a second mortgage where the final payment was due within the five year time period of the plan. Following the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (in re Paschen, 296 F3d 1203) and the 6th Circuit Bankruptcy Appeals Panel (In re Eubanks , 219 BR 468), and not following the 4th Circuit in In re Witt (113 F. 3d 508), Judge Ninfo stated the mortgage could beneficiary modified in the Chapter 13 plan. Mortgages that are against the debtor's house and where the repayment period extends beyond the end of the plan cannot be modified in Chapter 13, but here, where the repayment period was within the plan period, the debtor could bifurcate, or divide, the mortgage into a secured and unsecured portion and pay off the unsecured part as an unsecured claim.

But see Maiorino in the 2009 cases: a mortgage accelerated by foreclosure does not become a short-term mortgage by that acceleration.

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