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Pay advice case 1: Riffle (affirmed by District Court)

In re Stephen R & Lora P. Riffle (Bk 07-22372; decision January 24, 2008; Judge Ninfo). Section 521 of the Bankruptcy Code (11 USC Sect. 521(a)(1)(B)(iv) requires a debtor to file with the bankruptcy court "copies of all pay advices or other evidence of payment received within 60 days" of the filing of the bankruptcy petition. 11 USC Sect. 521(i)(1) further states that if information required to be filed by the debtor, including pay advices, is not filed within 45 days of the petition date, "the case shall be automatically dismissed." In Riffle, the debtor filed his last pay stub, plus a year-to-date summary of income received in each paycheck. A creditor filed a motion asking for the case to be considered automatically dismissed because the debtor did not file all four of his bi-weekly pay stubs for the 60 day period prior to filing his case. The court, however, agreed with the debtor and the trustee that the items that were filed were, in this case, sufficient "other evidence of payment" to verify the debtor's income. The court also specifically stated that, for any Rochester bankruptcy case, if a debtor files any evidence of payment, the case will not be considered to be automatically dismissed unless another party files a motion within 30 days of the expiration of the 45 day "automatic dismissal" date. NOTE: THIS CASE WAS AFFIRMED ON APPEAL (United States District Court for the Western District of New York (Case 08-CV-6082; decision August 7, 2008; Judge Siragusa)

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