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Upstate New York, Bankruptcy Law Attorney

Are you overwhelmed by credit card debt? Call me to get straight answers.

Bankruptcy law is complicated and you have many questions. Do I qualify for bankruptcy? What debts can I get rid of? What happens with my car, my house and other assets? What information and documents do I have to provide to the bankruptcy system? How much will it cost? What will happen to me after bankruptcy?

I speak the language of the bankruptcy courts and laws.

I am attorney Peter R. Scribner. For more than 20 years, I have focused my practice exclusively in the area of consumer bankruptcy law. That means that I am fluent in the language of the Bankruptcy Code and can give you complete and honest answers to your bankruptcy questions.

The right debt relief lawyer can help you regain control of your finances. Contact me for a free telephone consultation about your circumstances. I will give you an honest assessment of your case. I may even tell you that bankruptcy is not necessarily your best option. If we are right for each other, we will set up a personal appointment to meet at a time and location that is convenient for you and your family.

Bankruptcy law is my only practice.

I am currently the Chair of the Bankruptcy Committee of the Monroe County Bankruptcy Committee and served for 16 years as one of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in Rochester. In addition, I often speak at regional seminars and professional conferences relating to consumer bankruptcy. My extensive knowledge of federal debt relief law and the local bankruptcy courts has earned me recognition as one of the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Western New York. If you have questions about getting a fresh start from your debt, let me help you break down the legal language into clear English.

Call me today for a free phone consultation.

Start sleeping better tonight. Contact my office in Rochester, New York, to discuss your financial situation.