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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Western New York, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law Attorney

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Give You the Fresh Start Your Family Needs.

In Chapter 7, you file a bankruptcy petition and, within a couple of months, you get a court order discharging, or eliminating, your consumer and medical debts. All efforts by creditors to collect against you stop as soon as you file bankruptcy. In almost all cases, you keep all of your assets. If you can afford to continue to make your car loan and mortgage payments, Chapter 7 provides a process, called "reaffirmation", for you to keep those assets.

What Chapter 7 can't do:

Some debts cannot be eliminated by Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as student loans, recent income taxes, and child support. Chapter 7 does not provide a process for stopping a foreclosure and saving your house (other forms of bankruptcy can stop foreclosures; . High-income debtors need a very careful review of their situation to see if they qualify for Chapter 7. People who are actively operating a business also need a very careful review before filing Chapter 7.

Individuals and families seeking a fresh start generally file Chapter 7.

I am bankruptcy attorney Peter R. Scribner. From my office in Rochester, New York, I have been helping individuals and families throughout Upstate New York get a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy for more than 20 years. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires an in-depth understanding of bankruptcy laws.

I have extensive experience and knowledge of New York bankruptcy courts.

I have served as Chair of the Bankruptcy Committee of the Monroe County Bankruptcy Committee and served for 14 years as one of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in Rochester. I understand how the bankruptcy code applies to your financial situation, and I know what trustees, judges, the Department of Justice, and other bankruptcy parties expect. The Bankruptcy court in Rochester is very thorough, and bankruptcy debtors need to be very well prepared if their case is to be successful. If a less experienced lawyer has told you that your case is a slam-dunk, don't count on it.

Contact me to learn more about ways I can help you get the fresh start your family is looking for.