Reorganize Your Debt By Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

I am bankruptcy lawyer Peter R. Scribner of Rochester, New York. If you are starting to feel the pressure of a heavy burden of debt, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the answer you are seeking. I have 30 years of upstate New York bankruptcy law experience.

I have focused exclusively on the practice of bankruptcy law for 30 years. Contact my office for a free telephone consultation about your specific circumstances. I will give you clear answers about your bankruptcy options and help you decide what you can do to get a new start from overwhelming debt.

Why File Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a process for repaying some or all of your debts by making monthly payments to a trustee who, in turn, will distribute those payments to your creditors. Chapter 13 plans usually run three to five years.

Chapter 13 is not for everybody, but in certain circumstances you can accomplish things in Chapter 13 that you can't do in Chapter 7. Chapter 13 filings can:

  • Stop foreclosures and save your house. This does not change or alter the balance of your mortgage, but does allow you to get out of arrears
  • Provide bankruptcy relief for high-income families that are not eligible for Chapter 7
  • Provide a process for repaying debts that Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not eliminate, such as child support, student loans and unpaid taxes
  • Provide a way to repay your debts if you want to pay your creditors but can't do so outside of bankruptcy due to creditor harassment or lawsuits
  • Allow you to keep the assets that are ineligible for exemption under Chapter 7, like your car, and pay their value to creditors

If you are considering Chapter 13, you need expert and experienced bankruptcy advise. Please contact my office for a free phone consultation if you need to know more about chapter 13.

Providing Experience And Unique Insights To Your Case

With decades of experience and more than a decade as the Chair of the Monroe County Bankruptcy Committee, I am an attorney with detailed and one-of-a-kind familiarity with bankruptcy law. More importantly, I will give you the no-nonsense explanations you need. Contact me at 585-800-9616. Your first phone consultation is free.

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