Modifying Your Mortgage And The New York Mortgage Assistance Program

Mortgages are often one of a family's greatest sources of debt. When you get behind on a mortgage payment, it can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, there is good news. In recent years, New York has expanded mortgage relief policies. During bankruptcy, you may be able to modify an existing mortgage through the New York State Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP or NYS-MAP).

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Were You Referred To Me By The Housing Council?

In New York, the Housing Council assists people at risk of losing their homes or housing. Often, the Housing Council sends people to my office knowing I can help. Once we have filed for bankruptcy, we can stop foreclosure proceedings. From there, we can modify your mortgage or apply for a MAP loan.

How The Mortgage Assistance Program Works

MAP works with families in New York state that are facing foreclosure and have explored all their other options. Recently, this policy was expanded to include people and families filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. MAP loans are:

  • Available to New York state residents who have filed for bankruptcy
  • Limited to a $40,000 principal loan, beginning Feb. 1, 2019
  • Paired with a housing counselor
  • A good option for many families when restructuring or managing debt is still an option

Paired with mortgage modifications, MAP grants are a valuable resource you may be able to use. Let me help you decide if this is the right choice. If I think you do not need to file bankruptcy and that a mortgage restructuring is the right move, I will say so. I want you to make wise decisions.

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Filing bankruptcy should always be your last resort. The impact on your finances and credit history can create its own huge burden. Fortunately, I know what I am doing. As your attorney, I will help you evaluate your options and be a source for honest and reliable advice. Email me with your case. A phone consultation is free.

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