Take Action To Stop Your Home Foreclosure

If your mortgage is in foreclosure, there are only a handful of legal options to stop the proceedings, outside of paying all payments due, including foreclosure and legal fees. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure proceedings and may allow you the time and legal recourse to protect your home.

I am attorney Peter R. Scribner. If you are facing foreclosure, I urge you to talk to an experienced debt relief attorney as soon as possible. It is never too late to stop the process. You have legal and financial options right up to the date of the foreclosure proceedings.

How Does Chapter 13 Stop Foreclosure?

When you file bankruptcy, all efforts by creditors to collect against you, including foreclosure, must be suspended. Chapter 13 provides a method not only to suspend a foreclosure, but to pay off the amount you are behind, stop the foreclosure and save your house.

Chapter 13 is complicated, but to stop foreclosure, you must, at a minimum, be able to do two things. First, you must have sufficient income to resume your mortgage payments, starting with the first payment dues after you file Chapter 13.

Second, you must be able to make additional monthly payments to a Chapter 13 trustee to pay off the full amount of the payments you are behind, plus foreclosure legal costs and fees, plus interest, within five years.

When we discuss ways to stop your home foreclosure, we will also discuss:

Many other factors are associated with stopping foreclosure in a Chapter 13, and we will discuss how these other factors affect your situation. So if you are in foreclosure and wish to save your house, please call me for a free phone consultation.

You Need Straight Answers, Not Legal Gibberish

You don't need gibberish right now. You need straight talk. I promise to speak in language that avoids the heavy legal talk that so many bankruptcy lawyers try to impress people with. You can reach me at my office by calling 585-800-9616.

Contact me for a free consultation about how Chapter 13 bankruptcy works. I know that filing for bankruptcy isn't in everyone's best financial or legal interest, and I will give you an honest assessment of your situation. I will also provide clear answers to your questions about foreclosure and whether bankruptcy can help.

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