Is Declaring Bankruptcy The Right Solution To Your Financial Problems?

Getting over your head in debt can have a dramatic impact on your entire life. If overwhelming financial problems have consumed your life, filing for bankruptcy can offer you the fresh start you and your family need.

You've been going through enough. Right now, you need straight answers.

I am debt relief attorney Peter R. Scribner of Rochester, New York. For 30 years, I have been helping individuals and families in western New York state get out from under the heavy load of overwhelming debt.

Contact me for a free in-depth telephone consultation about your financial picture. I'll give you clear, straight answers to some pretty tough questions. If your bankruptcy is a no-brainer, I will even tell you that you don't need an attorney with my level of experience. Together we can decide how to approach your individual needs.

My Bankruptcy Services

I represent clients in matters regarding debt relief and consumer bankruptcy. I know your rights under the law. I can help you answer questions about bankruptcy and your financial and legal options. For instance, I can help you determine:

As your lawyer, I will help explain every step of the bankruptcy process. I can help you explore alternative ideas like mortgage modifications and selling property. I can clarify what debts will and will not be dischargeable and answer other questions that may arise.

Debt Problems Don't Go Away On Their Own

Contact me at 585-800-9616 to discuss your debt situation. I will explain the process, including the factors that will affect the cost of filing for bankruptcy. Despite wishing they would, debt problems don't go away on their own. Get the experienced legal help you need at my office.

My law firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.